About Gambia

It looks so beautiful, it is beautiful, but those who look further then the beautiful white sandy beaches with swaying palms and a beautiful ocean, sees a developing country where at least two thirds of the 1.7 million inhabitants live below the poverty line. No work, no food, no home. The female sellers are happy when they sell a plate of fruit per day. On the beach there are several fruit stands. The women are all friendly and smiling, but behind that smile, they are very competitive, as the first one to entice a tourist has from then on according to unwritten rules of their business, their custom on the beach. The same applies to the male juice sellers and masseuses. This also applies to all other vendors, no sales, no food.

Amidst the beautiful countryside, with majestic trees, hundreds of birds, monkeys, hippos and wild pigs, you cannot avoid the harsh reality of a poor developing country. Gambia is Africa, an English speaking country known as “the smiling coast of Africa” and despite the appalling poverty that is very true.

Vast rural areas without electricity and water, villages and compounds where the tribal elders still with several wives are still in control. Children without schooling, lack of money and no schools. The schools that do exist suffer from lack of almost everything: books, notebooks, pens,furniture and teachers.

What can you do about it????

You can sponsor students. Or take small hospitals, in the jungle, under your care financially, so that they can buy bandages or equipment again. Or money to buy sheets for the maternity unit.

Our goal is education, especially for children, in the broadest sense of the word. Vocational education can also be supported in certain cases.

You can help us by becoming a sponsor, we quarantee that everything that comes in, gets to the children.

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