Why sponsor?

Gambia is one of the world’s poorest countries. The country is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal and the Atlantic Ocean. In Gambia many tribes live peacefully together. The country is governed by a democratically elected parliament and president. More information about Gambia can be found in another section of our site.

We try as much as possible to find sponsors for the many underprivileged people to help and support them in schooling and further study.

To help the people of Gambia we need money and much good will.

You, as a future, sponsor can contribute to this by making a donation or sponsoring a child. A small donation can make a major difference to the people of Gambia and their future.

Even spontaneous donations are welcome.

Suggestion; Ask for a contribution to your sponsorship as a gift on your birthday or other celebration.

Your name and/or address is not made public so there is no direct contact between you and the child unless you request it. Names and address are not given to avoid problems.

It is possible to join us as we travel on our regular inspection visits in Gambia. We stay there in a “2 star” hotel without luxury. This is to keep costs, which we pay out of our own pockets, as low as possible.

We quarantee that your money is well spent.

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